Tombstone Flag Tournament

1st Place Stan Kearney

2nd Place Tim Yingling

3rd Place Mase McCreary

4th Place Joe Pyzowski

5th Place Bucky Miller

6th Place Brett Miller

7th Place Keith McGraw

Match Play Chamionship

Championship Flight


Spencer Hinish defeated Ken Love and

Jordan Albright defeated Garth Honsaker


Spencer Hinish defeated Jordan Albright

First Flight


Mase McCready  defeated Bob Fultz and

Charlie Ball defeated Rick Mock


Mase McCready defeated Charlie Ball

Second Flight


Chip Will defeated Bob Ebersole and

Joe Pyzowski defeated  John Shaffer


Chip Will defeated Joe Pyzowski

Men’s Club Championship

Championship Flight

!st Wes Elder  77/68/71/72  288

2nd  Spencer Hinish 74/74/73/74  295

3rd Wally Clapper 72/72/76/77  297

4th Rick Dillon 77/75/76/71  299

First Flight

1st Mark Guyer  73/75  151

2nd Mike Farrell 82/78 160

3rd  Rick Eckard 83/78 161

Second Flight

1st Randy Jarratt  77/78 155

2nd Bub Smith 74/85 159

3rd Chip Will 78/87 165

Third Flight

1sr Don McCready 81/89 170  (Playoff)

2nd John Shaffer 88/82 170

3rd Bobby Ebersole 88/82  170

Ladies’ Club Championship

Club Champion

Gwen Paden 93/85 178

Net Champion

Deb Showalter 75/75  150

Ladies’ President Cup

1st Place tie(Net)

Patti Dodson and Gwen Paden (72)

Women’s Golf Asc. of Central PA

Final Results

1st Iron Masters  387.5 points/

2nd  Centre Hills  353.5  points/

3rd  Mt. Union  328 points/

4th Nittany CC 324 points/

5th Sinking Valley  323.5 points/

6th  Philipsburg Elks  296.5 points/

7th Belles Springs 256 points/

8th Clearfield-Curwensville  251 points

Low Gross  Suz Price  80

Low Net  Amity Day  68

Closest to the Pin  #3  Cathy Greenland

Closest to the Pin #13 Patti Dodson

Senior Club Championship

Championship Flight

1st Ed Smith  71/67  138

2nd  Rick Dillon  71/68  139

3rd  Gene Snyder  69/75  144

1st Flight

1st Bill Burket  75/76  151

2nd  Bub Smith  77/82  159

3rd  Rick Mock  81/82  163

2nd Flight

1st Blane Horton  85/80  165

Tied 2nd  Steve Miller  87/87  174

Tied 2nd  Trifan Tudor  87/87  174

3rd Flight

1st  Don McCready  81/82  163

2nd  Larry Clapper  87/85  173

3rd  Dan Riley  90/91  181

 2017 Iron Masters Ladies’ Classic

Championship Flight

1st Barb Pagana/Patty Lang  73/70 143

2nd Robin Craig/ Danielle Mitchell 78/73 151

3rd  Gwen Paden/Ashley Albright 79/75  154

4th Cathy Traister/Beth Emert 78/76  154

 First Flight

1st Chris Sisto/ Michelle Day   84/76  160

2nd  Ellen Frank/ Deb Novack  83/79 162

3rd  Cathy Bloom/Connie Bence 82/81 163

4th JoAnne VanSaun/Dari Kapalka 82/83 165

Second Flight

1st  Janice Evans/Kelly Farrell 86/80 166 (playoff)

2nd  Donna Morgan/Wava Baer 85/81 166

3rd  Anita Jo Petrusky/ Deb Long  85/82  167

4th  Connie Bolger/ Denise Kelly 85/85  168

Third Flight

1st  Susan Dabbs/Deb Shaffer 87/88 175( playoff)

2nd Holly Guerrieri/Janine Vertacnik 91/84 175

3rd Kathy Bottenfield /Linda Wise 89/87  176

4th Darlene Grove/Stephanie Kirsch 88/89  177

Fourth Flight

1st Deb Goodman/Cindy Vaughn 94/89 183

2nd Lana Phillippi/Ann Harbaugh 96/88

3rd Janice Paul/Barb Schneider 96/89

4th Carole Laich/Sue White 96/93 189

Red White and Blue Tournament

1st  Bryan James/Benji Heeter/LuAnn Dividock/Brad Wierman 114/

1st  Ken Emigh/Chip Will/Larry Clapper/ Deb Showalter  114/

3rd  Brock Dillen/ Keith McGraw/John Shaffer/ Tim Yingling 120/

3rd  Eric Glunt/ Mase McCreary/Connie Bolger/Terry Kane 120

Closest to the  Pin

#3 Keith McGraw  #9  Bob Ebersole

#13 Garth Honsaker  #16 Jordan Albright

” A” Player  Draft

1st  Wes Elder/Connie Bolger/Joe Pyzowski/ Tudor Trifan 117/

2nd  Wally Clapper/John Bolger/Scot Croft/John Shaffer  120/

3rd  Ken Emigh/Brad Wierman/Rick Mock/Kate Conway  122/

3rd Brock Dillen/Bob Ebersole/Benji Heeter/Jake Oakes 122/

4th  Mark Steele/Randy Jarratt/Terry Kane / Tim Yingling  122

Closest to the Pins

 #3  Wes Elder  #9  Dave Myers

#13  Mark Steele  #16 John Bolger

Member Member Medal Play

Championship Flight

1st  Wes Elder and Bryan James  138/

2nd  Ken Love and Duane Geisler  144/

3rd  Rick Dillon and  Brock Dillon  145

First Flight

1st  Randy Jarratt and Mark Steele  141/

2nd  Steve Beach and Anthony Musselman 147/

3rd  Jerry Weaver and Mike Farrell  150

Second Flight

1st  Joe Burke and Bub Smith 151/

2nd  Don McCready and Chip Will 15

Texas Scramble

1st: Chip Will/Don McCready/Bryan James/Wes Elder 114/

2nd: Calvin Zook/Tim Yingling/Mark Simanski/ Drew Simanski  119/

3rd: Ron Hinish/Bud Hetrick/Jim Brown/ Ed Brown 120/

4th: Eric Glunt/Scott Plank/ Bob Ebersole/Keith McGraw 122/

4th: Brian Shaw/Garrett Shaw/Zane Feathers/Ed Clever 122

Closest to the Pins

#3 Rick Mock/

#5 Bryan James/

#9 Tim Yingling/

#13 Gwen Paden/

#15 Paul Longstreth/

#16  Chip Will



Senior Classic

Gross Champions :  Ron Hinsh  and Garth Honsaker

Net Champions:  Bob Ebersole and Rick Mock

50-59  Gross

1st:  Ed Smith and Gene Snyder  137/

2nd : Keith Danner and Bill Allen 139/

2nd: Ken Love and Alan Derr 139/

3rd: Jim Estep and Daryl Yoder 141

50-59 Net

1st: John Dively and Mike Emerick 122/

2nd: Trifan Tudor and Joe Pyzowski 123 /

3rd: Tim Yingling and Tim Williams 124/

4th: Mark Steele and Randy Jarratt 127/

4th: Jeff Chestney and Steve Monahan 127/

4th: Terry Funcheon and Francis Pirozzola 127

 60 – 69 Gross

1st:  Ron Hinish and Garth Honsaker  130/

2nd: Don Filby and  Mike Raley 142/

3rd: Kevin Feath and  Dave Hummel 146/

3rd: Rick Holtz and Warren Rhyner 146

Net 60-69

1st: Bob Ebersole and Rick Mock  117/

2nd: Brady Eckenrode and Neil Rapski 122/

3rd: Bill Davis and Dave Wertz 124/

4th: Blane Horton and Duane Geisler 132


Sadie Hawkins Tournament


1st : LuAnn Dividock/Ken Emigh/Bryan James/Brad Wierman-143/

2nd:  Gwen Paden/ Garth Honsaker/ Chip Will/ Tim Yingling- 148/

2nd : Connie Bolger/John Bolger/Wes Elder/ Bob Fultz- 148


1st: Katy Abdalla/Randy Knepp/Spencer Hinish/Mase McCreary- 125/

2nd: Brooke Albright/Jordan Albright/Victor Curfman/ Bud Hetrick- 127/

Closest to the Pin 2nd shot: #2 Brooke Albright/

Closest to the Oin 2nd shot #7 Bob Fultz/

Closest t0 the Pin  #13 Gwen Paden/

Closest to the Pin # 16  Wes Elder

Spring Medal

Championship Flight

1st  Wes Elder 146/

2nd  Spencer Hinish  154/

3rd  Ed Smith  159/

First Flight

1st Mike Blattenberger 160/

2nd  Steve Beach  162/

3rd  Jerry Weaver  164/

Second Flight

1st  Chip Will  170/

2nd  Calvin Zook  172/

3rd  Bud Hetrick 174/

3rd   Benji Heeter  174/

Closest To the Pin Saturday and Sunday

#3 John Shaffer and Trifan Tudor

#9  Jordan Albright and Spencer Hinish

#13  Mike Blattenberger and  Trifan Tudor

#16  Mike Blattenberger and  Spencer Hinish


Derby Day


1st   Garth Honsaker/Scott Croft  70

2nd   Kevin Feath/ Keith McGraw 72

3rd   Ed Smith /Bob Snyder 73


1st    Ken Emigh/ Chip Will 56

2nd   Spencer Hinish/Dave Myers 64

2nd   Eric Glunt/ Jim Myers  64

Closest to the Pin

#3  Duane Geisler

#9  Garth Honsaker

#13  John Shaffer

#16  Ed Smith


Opening Day Scramble

1st : 59  Team of

Garth Honsaker/

Anthony Musselman/

Ed Brown/

Chip Will

2nd: 62 Team of

Eric Kozak/

Mark Nycum/

Calvin Zook

Closest to the Pins

#3  Mark Steele/#9  Garth Honsaker/#13 Anthony Musselman/#16 Calvin Zook

Iron Masters Masters


143 Garth Honsaker- Grace/

143  Spencer Hinish-Thomas/

144   Ken Love-Casey/

147  Ed Smith-Sullivan/

147  Wes Elder- Mize/

148  Jordan Albright-Kisner


134 Joe Brown-Stricker/

139  Ed Brown- An/

139  Keith McGraw- Berger/

141  Kevin Feath-Rose/

142  Tudor Trifan-Leishman/

142  Mitch Lynn-Matsuyama

Closest to the Pin

#3 Bryan James/

#9 Phil  Lingenfelter/

#13  Ken Emigh/

#16  Ken Love