Individual Match Play

Championship Flight:  Wes Elder defeated Spencer Hinish

1st Flight:   Mark Guyer defeated Mike Farrell

2nd  Flight:  Chip Will defeated Bucky Miller

Senior Club Championship

Championship Flight

1st Place  Gene Snyder 68/72/140 / 2nd Place Ed Smith 74/72/146

First Flight

1st Place Kevin Feath 78/84/162 /2nd Place Mark Steele 83/79/162  3rd Place  Bill Burket 81/81/162

Second Flight

1st Place  Keith McGraw 81/78 159/2nd Place Stan Snyder 84/79/162/3rd Place  Tudor Trifan 82/84/166

3rd Flight

1st Place  Joe Pyzowski 81/79 160 /2nd Place Scott Croft 81/82/163/ 3rd Place Larry  Clapper 84/82 166/

4th Place Dan Riley 82/87169

4th of July Red,White and Blue Tournament

1st Place:  Gwen Paden/Kate Conway/Patti Dodson/ Deb Showalter  97

2nd Place:  Terry Kane/Mike DeHaas/ Rick Buchanan/Kathy Bottenfield  115

3rd Place:  Randy Jarratt/Wes Elder/ Mase McCreary/Chip Will  116

Sadie Hawkins Tournament held on June 31st

Gross Winner: Team of LuAnn Dividock/Ken Emigh/Tim Yingling/Brad Wierman  63

Net Winner: Team of Kathy Bottenfield/Rick Mock/Bobby Ebersole/Tim Dilling  52

“A” Player Draft held on June 30th

1st Place:   Mark Steele/Kevin Feath/ Stan Snyder/Tim Dilling  115

3rd Place: Randy Jarratt/ Chip Will/Bud Hetrick/Tim Yingling  124

3rd Place: Spencer Hinish/Scott Croft/Terry Kane/Rick Buchanan  124


Member/ Member Medal Play  held on June 23rd and 24th

Championship Flight

1st Place: Wes Elder and Bryan James 71/64 135

2nd Place:  Eric Glunt and Wally Clapper  68/74  142

First Flight

1st Place: Eric Kozak  and Mike Farrell  72/70  142

2nd Place: Ken Emigh and Mase McCreary  71/72  143

Second Flight

1st Place:  Chip Will and Don  McCready 70/80  150

2nd Place :  Rick Mock and Bobby Ebersole  79/76 156

Senior Classic held May 26th and 27th


Gross Division

1st Place: Brian Smith and Mac Rosenbaum  69/71  140

2nd Place: Ed Smith and Gene Snyder  69/72 141

3rd Place: Randy Jarratt and Mark Steele 71/74 145

4th Place: Daryl Yoder and Jim Estep 71/75 146

Net Division

1st Place: Ralph Pacifico and Keith McGraw  61/61  122

2nd Place : Jerry Weaver and Don McCready  66/62  128

3rd Place: Steve Stroup and Mike Feaster 66/63  129

4th Place Terry Funcheon and Francis Pirozzola  67/64  131


Gross Division

1st Place:   Ron Hinish and Garth Honsaker  66/65  131

2nd  Place:  Ed Strickler and Mike Raley  68/70 138

3rd Place: Rick Mallow and Dale Hebner  75/69  144

4th Place: Rick Holtz and Brady Eckenrode  72/74  146

5th Place : Ken Emigh and John Shaffer  74-74  148

Net Division

1st Place:  Kevin Feath and Bill Burket  57/62  119

2nd Place :  Randy Ritchey and Steve Miller  64/60 124

3rd Place: Joe Burke and Bub Smith  62/66  128

4th Place: Steve Westbrook and TJ Evangelisto  67/64 131

5th Place: Jesse Reighard and Stan Rupert 64/69  133

5th Place: Duane Morgret and  Don Cottle  69/64  133

Memorial Day Best 2 Of Four Tournament

1st Place : Team of Bryan James/Jerry Weaver/Rick Mock/Tim Dilling  124

2nd Place: Team of Wes Elder/Mase McCreary/Tim Yingling/Jake Oakes  126

3rd Place: Team of Ed Smith/Ken Emigh/A. Mussleman/Joe  Pyzowski 127

Results for Men’s Spring Medal Play

Championship Flight

1st    Wes Elder 73/74  147

2nd   Wally Clapper 74/74  148

3rd    Spencer Hinish   79/73  152

3rd    Ron Hinish  79/73  152

5th   Issac Wood 73/80  153

5th  Robbie Keith  74/79   153


1st  Mark Guyer   82/80  162

2nd  Jerry Weaver 82/81  163

3rd  Mark Steele  81/84  165

4th  Rich Eckard  85/81   166

Second Flight

1st  John Shaffer  88/87  175

2nd  Tudor Triffan  84/95  179

2nd   Don McCready  86/93  179

4th  Stan Snyder  92/88  180

Ladies Spring Tournament


Gwen Paden 91


Connie Bolger  76

Kathy Bottenfield 76

Results for Derby Day held on Saturday April 28

Gross Winners

1st Place  Ken Love and Tudor Trifan  71

1st Place   Wally Clapper and Stan Snyder  71

3rd Place  Wes Elder and Jake Oakes  73

4th Place  Ken Emigh and Walt Focht  74

Net Winners

1st Place    Kevin Feath and Larry Clapper  63

1st Place  Mike Blattenberger and Scott Croft  63

3rd Place  Mike Emerick and Don McCready  64

3rd Place Mase McCready and Mark Nycum  64

Results of Opening Day Scramble held on Saturday April 21

1st Place with a score of 62 the team of Wes Elder, Mark Steele, Walt Focht, and Stan Snyder

2nd Place with a score of 63 the team of Rick Lee, Mase McCready. Rich Eckard and Jim Brown