Spring Medal

Championship Flight 1st  Wes Elder 146/ 2nd  Spencer Hinish  154/ 3rd  Ed Smith  159/ First Flight 1st Mike Blattenberger 160/ 2nd  Steve Beach  162/ 3rd  Jerry Weaver  164/ Second Flight 1st  Chip Will  170/ 2nd  Calvin Zook  172/ 3rd  Bud Hetrick 174/ 3rd   Benji Heeter  174/ Closest To the Pin Saturday and Sunday #3 John Shaffer and Trifan Tudor #9  Jordan Albright and Spencer Hinish #13  Mike Blattenberger and  Trifan Tudor #16  Mike Blattenberger and  Spencer Hinish  

Derby Day

Gross 1st   Garth Honsaker/Scott Croft  70 2nd   Kevin Feath/ Keith McGraw 72 3rd   Ed Smith /Bob Snyder 73 Net 1st    Ken Emigh/ Chip Will 56 2nd   Spencer Hinish/Dave Myers 64 2nd   Eric Glunt/ Jim Myers  64 Closest to the Pin #3  Duane Geisler #9  Garth Honsaker #13  John Shaffer #16  Ed Smith  

Opening Day Scramble

1st : 59  Team of Garth Honsaker/ Anthony Musselman/ Ed Brown/ Chip Will 2nd: 62 Team of Eric Kozak/ Mark Nycum/ Calvin Zook Closest to the Pins #3  Mark Steele/#9  Garth Honsaker/#13 Anthony Musselman/#16 Calvin Zook

Iron Masters Masters

Gross 143 Garth Honsaker- Grace/ 143  Spencer Hinish-Thomas/ 144   Ken Love-Casey/ 147  Ed Smith-Sullivan/ 147  Wes Elder- Mize/ 148  Jordan Albright-Kisner Net 134 Joe Brown-Stricker/ 139  Ed Brown- An/ 139  Keith McGraw- Berger/ 141  Kevin Feath-Rose/ 142  Tudor Trifan-Leishman/ 142  Mitch Lynn-Matsuyama Closest to the Pin #3 Bryan James/ #9 Phil  Lingenfelter/ #13  Ken Emigh/ #16  Ken Love