Ladies’ President Cup

1st Place tie(Net)

Patti Dodson and Gwen Paden (72)

Women’s Golf Asc. of Central PA

Final Results

1st Iron Masters  387.5 points/

2nd  Centre Hills  353.5  points/

3rd  Mt. Union  328 points/

4th Nittany CC 324 points/

5th Sinking Valley  323.5 points/

6th  Philipsburg Elks  296.5 points/

7th Belles Springs 256 points/

8th Clearfield-Curwensville  251 points

Low Gross  Suz Price  80

Low Net  Amity Day  68

Closest to the Pin  #3  Cathy Greenland

Closest to the Pin #13 Patti Dodson

Senior Club Championship

Championship Flight

1st Ed Smith  71/67  138

2nd  Rick Dillon  71/68  139

3rd  Gene Snyder  69/75  144

1st Flight

1st Bill Burket  75/76  151

2nd  Bub Smith  77/82  159

3rd  Rick Mock  81/82  163

2nd Flight

1st Blane Horton  85/80  165

Tied 2nd  Steve Miller  87/87  174

Tied 2nd  Trifan Tudor  87/87  174

3rd Flight

1st  Don McCready  81/82  163

2nd  Larry Clapper  87/85  173

3rd  Dan Riley  90/91  181

 2017 Iron Masters Ladies’ Classic

Championship Flight

1st Barb Pagana/Patty Lang  73/70 143

2nd Robin Craig/ Danielle Mitchell 78/73 151

3rd  Gwen Paden/Ashley Albright 79/75  154

4th Cathy Traister/Beth Emert 78/76  154

 First Flight

1st Chris Sisto/ Michelle Day   84/76  160

2nd  Ellen Frank/ Deb Novack  83/79 162

3rd  Cathy Bloom/Connie Bence 82/81 163

4th JoAnne VanSaun/Dari Kapalka 82/83 165

Second Flight

1st  Janice Evans/Kelly Farrell 86/80 166 (playoff)

2nd  Donna Morgan/Wava Baer 85/81 166

3rd  Anita Jo Petrusky/ Deb Long  85/82  167

4th  Connie Bolger/ Denise Kelly 85/85  168

Third Flight

1st  Susan Dabbs/Deb Shaffer 87/88 175( playoff)

2nd Holly Guerrieri/Janine Vertacnik 91/84 175

3rd Kathy Bottenfield /Linda Wise 89/87  176

4th Darlene Grove/Stephanie Kirsch 88/89  177

Fourth Flight

1st Deb Goodman/Cindy Vaughn 94/89 183

2nd Lana Phillippi/Ann Harbaugh 96/88

3rd Janice Paul/Barb Schneider 96/89

4th Carole Laich/Sue White 96/93 189

Red White and Blue Tournament

1st  Bryan James/Benji Heeter/LuAnn Dividock/Brad Wierman 114/

1st  Ken Emigh/Chip Will/Larry Clapper/ Deb Showalter  114/

3rd  Brock Dillen/ Keith McGraw/John Shaffer/ Tim Yingling 120/

3rd  Eric Glunt/ Mase McCreary/Connie Bolger/Terry Kane 120

Closest to the  Pin

#3 Keith McGraw  #9  Bob Ebersole

#13 Garth Honsaker  #16 Jordan Albright

” A” Player  Draft

1st  Wes Elder/Connie Bolger/Joe Pyzowski/ Tudor Trifan 117/

2nd  Wally Clapper/John Bolger/Scot Croft/John Shaffer  120/

3rd  Ken Emigh/Brad Wierman/Rick Mock/Kate Conway  122/

3rd Brock Dillen/Bob Ebersole/Benji Heeter/Jake Oakes 122/

4th  Mark Steele/Randy Jarratt/Terry Kane / Tim Yingling  122

Closest to the Pins

 #3  Wes Elder  #9  Dave Myers

#13  Mark Steele  #16 John Bolger

Member Member Medal Play

Championship Flight

1st  Wes Elder and Bryan James  138/

2nd  Ken Love and Duane Geisler  144/

3rd  Rick Dillon and  Brock Dillon  145

First Flight

1st  Randy Jarratt and Mark Steele  141/

2nd  Steve Beach and Anthony Musselman 147/

3rd  Jerry Weaver and Mike Farrell  150

Second Flight

1st  Joe Burke and Bub Smith 151/

2nd  Don McCready and Chip Will 15

Texas Scramble

1st: Chip Will/Don McCready/Bryan James/Wes Elder 114/

2nd: Calvin Zook/Tim Yingling/Mark Simanski/ Drew Simanski  119/

3rd: Ron Hinish/Bud Hetrick/Jim Brown/ Ed Brown 120/

4th: Eric Glunt/Scott Plank/ Bob Ebersole/Keith McGraw 122/

4th: Brian Shaw/Garrett Shaw/Zane Feathers/Ed Clever 122

Closest to the Pins

#3 Rick Mock/

#5 Bryan James/

#9 Tim Yingling/

#13 Gwen Paden/

#15 Paul Longstreth/

#16  Chip Will



Senior Classic

Gross Champions :  Ron Hinsh  and Garth Honsaker

Net Champions:  Bob Ebersole and Rick Mock

50-59  Gross

1st:  Ed Smith and Gene Snyder  137/

2nd : Keith Danner and Bill Allen 139/

2nd: Ken Love and Alan Derr 139/

3rd: Jim Estep and Daryl Yoder 141

50-59 Net

1st: John Dively and Mike Emerick 122/

2nd: Trifan Tudor and Joe Pyzowski 123 /

3rd: Tim Yingling and Tim Williams 124/

4th: Mark Steele and Randy Jarratt 127/

4th: Jeff Chestney and Steve Monahan 127/

4th: Terry Funcheon and Francis Pirozzola 127

 60 – 69 Gross

1st:  Ron Hinish and Garth Honsaker  130/

2nd: Don Filby and  Mike Raley 142/

3rd: Kevin Feath and  Dave Hummel 146/

3rd: Rick Holtz and Warren Rhyner 146

Net 60-69

1st: Bob Ebersole and Rick Mock  117/

2nd: Brady Eckenrode and Neil Rapski 122/

3rd: Bill Davis and Dave Wertz 124/

4th: Blane Horton and Duane Geisler 132


Sadie Hawkins Tournament


1st : LuAnn Dividock/Ken Emigh/Bryan James/Brad Wierman-143/

2nd:  Gwen Paden/ Garth Honsaker/ Chip Will/ Tim Yingling- 148/

2nd : Connie Bolger/John Bolger/Wes Elder/ Bob Fultz- 148


1st: Katy Abdalla/Randy Knepp/Spencer Hinish/Mase McCreary- 125/

2nd: Brooke Albright/Jordan Albright/Victor Curfman/ Bud Hetrick- 127/

Closest to the Pin 2nd shot: #2 Brooke Albright/

Closest to the Oin 2nd shot #7 Bob Fultz/

Closest t0 the Pin  #13 Gwen Paden/

Closest to the Pin # 16  Wes Elder

Spring Medal

Championship Flight

1st  Wes Elder 146/

2nd  Spencer Hinish  154/

3rd  Ed Smith  159/

First Flight

1st Mike Blattenberger 160/

2nd  Steve Beach  162/

3rd  Jerry Weaver  164/

Second Flight

1st  Chip Will  170/

2nd  Calvin Zook  172/

3rd  Bud Hetrick 174/

3rd   Benji Heeter  174/

Closest To the Pin Saturday and Sunday

#3 John Shaffer and Trifan Tudor

#9  Jordan Albright and Spencer Hinish

#13  Mike Blattenberger and  Trifan Tudor

#16  Mike Blattenberger and  Spencer Hinish


Derby Day


1st   Garth Honsaker/Scott Croft  70

2nd   Kevin Feath/ Keith McGraw 72

3rd   Ed Smith /Bob Snyder 73


1st    Ken Emigh/ Chip Will 56

2nd   Spencer Hinish/Dave Myers 64

2nd   Eric Glunt/ Jim Myers  64

Closest to the Pin

#3  Duane Geisler

#9  Garth Honsaker

#13  John Shaffer

#16  Ed Smith


Opening Day Scramble

1st : 59  Team of

Garth Honsaker/

Anthony Musselman/

Ed Brown/

Chip Will

2nd: 62 Team of

Eric Kozak/

Mark Nycum/

Calvin Zook

Closest to the Pins

#3  Mark Steele/#9  Garth Honsaker/#13 Anthony Musselman/#16 Calvin Zook

Iron Masters Masters


143 Garth Honsaker- Grace/

143  Spencer Hinish-Thomas/

144   Ken Love-Casey/

147  Ed Smith-Sullivan/

147  Wes Elder- Mize/

148  Jordan Albright-Kisner


134 Joe Brown-Stricker/

139  Ed Brown- An/

139  Keith McGraw- Berger/

141  Kevin Feath-Rose/

142  Tudor Trifan-Leishman/

142  Mitch Lynn-Matsuyama

Closest to the Pin

#3 Bryan James/

#9 Phil  Lingenfelter/

#13  Ken Emigh/

#16  Ken Love